IBA IT Center Gambat

ITC Gambat offers DIT, CIT, OAT, ELDP and other professional courses

Indubitably IBA Information Technology Training Center Gambat is one of the best institutions of the city that was established in 05 may 2014 near Nadra Office station road Gambat. It believes in quality of education, merit and excellence. It consists of well furnished & multimedia class rooms, state of art laboratories, solar system and highly qualified staff members. It is proved that ITC Gambat is the best opportunity for the masses of the city who are enthusiastic to acquire knowledge in serious way because this institution not only works on curricular activities but also on co-curricular activities as (speech, quiz, poetry and game competitions) in its premises.

ITC Gambat offers the courses as;
DIT (Diploma in information technology), CIT (Certificate in Information technology), OAT (Office Automation), ELDP (English Language Development Program) and other professional degrees which are very beneficial for the throngs of people in the city.

Its staff is very industrious, cooperative and easily accessible if students have any perplexity or bewilderment. Faculty has not left any stone unturned to serve the people devotedly and achieve tasks seriously. They visit different places of the city and villages to persuade the people to send their children for the acquisition of the quality education in the above said institution. They arrange the meetings at the center for parents of students and well known persons of the city to discuss the issues of students and convince them about their purpose of education to be fulfilled.

ITC Gambat provides the platform where students can improve their skills through keeping themselves busy in learning process and different competitions. The aim of institution is to consummate the vision of IBA IET Khairpur and Sukkur IBA through importing knowledge among impecunious and extricate them from the nadir of barbarism and propel them to the heights of success.
Inshallah this institution shall keep the ball rolling on the way of prosperity till the day.

For further details contact us:     iitc-gambat@iba-suk.edu.pk          0243-720441



DIT - Dimploma in IT

Diploma in information technology is a one-year degree comprised of two semesters in association with City&Guilds UK, awarded at IET campus. This program affiliated with SBTE is also available at affiliated IT centers.

CIT - Certificate in IT

A certificate in IT is a course of six months awarded at IET campus and affiliated IT centers

ELDP - English Language Development Program

Enhance your english language skills and communication through this program

OAT - Office Automation Tool

This is a short course offered at campus as well as IT centers its all about MS Office skills

Other short courses

Short courses are single subject trainings offered in specific plateforms

Summur Program

Summer programs include OAT, Photoshop, web design, quick math, basic english etc.


Adress: IBA IT Center, near NADRA office Gambat.

Contact: 0243-720441

Email: iitc-gambat@iba-suk.edu.pk

Zakaullah Lashari

Incharge / Instructor CS



Arshad Soomro

Instructor Computer Science



Ghulam Hussain

Instructor English



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