IBA IT Center Kingri

ITC Kingri offers DIT, CIT, OAT, ELDP and other professional courses

IBA ITC KINGRI is one of the satellite centers of IBA IET Khairpur, located in taluka Kingri near Mukhtiarkar office kingri. It is considered to be one of the well reputed institutes of the area because of its quality education and healthy environment. The centre aims at paving the way for merit quality and excellence among students of its surroundings.

IBA ITC Kingri consists of multimedia classrooms and trendsetting laboratories where students can learn and sharpen their technological skills under the supervision of highly qualified teachers. In addition, it comes up with curricular and timely extracurricular activities for the benefit of students for mental and physical growth which undoubtedly is an undeniable part of education.

IBA ITC KINGRI will continue to serve the community in the best possible way in future under the umbrella of IBA IET Khairpur.

Courses mainly offered;

DIT ( Diploma in Information technology)                 (1 Year)

CIT ( Certificate in Information Technology)            (6 Months)

Game Development                                                      (4 Month)

3D Modeling (Using Unity 3D)                                    (5 Months)

OAT (Office Automation Tools)                                  (3 Months)

ELDP: English Language Development Program (Under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)                        (4 Months)

Contact : 0243-610564
Email : iitc-kingri@iba-suk.edu.pk



DIT - Dimploma in IT

Diploma in information technology is a one-year degree comprised of two semesters in association with City&Guilds UK, awarded at IET campus. This program affiliated with SBTE is also available at affiliated IT centers.

CIT - Certificate in IT

A certificate in IT is a course of six months awarded at IET campus and affiliated IT centers

ELDP - English Language Development Program

Enhance your english language skills and communication through this program

OAT - Office Automation Tool

This is a short course offered at campus as well as IT centers its all about MS Office skills

Other short courses

Short courses are single subject trainings offered in specific plateforms

Summur Program

Summer programs include OAT, Photoshop, web design, quick math, basic english etc.


Address: IBA IT Training center, near Mukhtiarkar office, Kingri.

Contact: 0243-610564

Email: iitc-kingri@iba-suk.edu.pk

Asrar Ahmed

Incharge / Instructor English


Rabel Safina

Instructor Computer Science


Wahaj Hasan

Instructor Computer Science


Muhammad Atif

Instructor Computer Science


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