IBA IT Center Nara

ITC Nara offers DIT, CIT, OAT, ELDP and other professional courses

IBA Information Technology Training Center Nara is perhaps the best institute of the city that was built upon 13 march 2017 opposite Rangers Public School Choondiko. It believes in the quality of education, merit, and excellence. It comprises of very much outfitted and multimedia classrooms, condition of workmanship research facilities, power backup generator, and profoundly qualified staff individuals. It is demonstrated that ITC Nara is the best open door for the majority of the city who are excited to gain information genuinely since this foundation deals with curricular exercises as well as on co-curricular exercises as (discourse, test, poetry, and game rivalries) in its premises.

ITC Nara offers the courses as;

DIT (Diploma in information technology), CIT (Certificate in Information technology), OAT (Office Automation), ELDP (English Language Development Program), and other expert degrees which are extremely advantageous for the people in the city.

Its staff is productive, agreeable, and effectively available if students have any bafflement or confusion. The staff has not left any stone unturned to serve the individuals devotedly and accomplish assignments genuinely. They visit every place of the city and villages to convince the individuals to send their youngsters for the securing of value training in the above-said establishment. They organize the gatherings at the institution for parents and guardians of students and notable people of the city to examine the issues of students and persuade them about their motivation for instruction to be satisfied.

ITC Nara gives a stage where students can improve their abilities by keeping themselves occupied in the learning procedure and various contests. The point of the foundation is to perfect the motto of IBA IET Khairpur and Sukkur IBA through conferring information among destitute and remove them from the backwardness of society and push them to the statures of progress.



DIT - Dimploma in IT

Diploma in information technology is a one-year degree comprised of two semesters in association with City&Guilds UK, awarded at IET campus. This program affiliated with SBTE is also available at affiliated IT centers.

CIT - Certificate in IT

A certificate in IT is a course of six months awarded at IET campus and affiliated IT centers

ELDP - English Language Development Program

Enhance your english language skills and communication through this program

OAT - Office Automation Tool

This is a short course offered at campus as well as IT centers its all about MS Office skills

Other short courses

Short courses are single subject trainings offered in specific plateforms

Summur Program

Summer programs include OAT, Photoshop, web design, quick math, basic english etc.


Address: IBA IT Training center, near Rangers public school, Choondiko, Nara.

Contact: 0243-559023

Email: iitc-nara@iba-suk.edu.pk

Wijesh Kumar

Incharge / Instructor CS


Abdul Ghafoor

Instructor Computer Science


Khalil ur Rehman

Instructor English


Tanveer Ali

Office Assistant


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